We have seen many times the debate between couples. But during the Bigg Boss, the fight between the audience Madhurima and Vishal was hardly seen by anyone on television. Their love changed in hate in such a way that these two do not even want to see each other’s face. He participated in Bigg Boss 13. The audience had begun to feel that there would hardly be a way for both. But luck reunited the two and soon both will be seen romancing with each other. Both are to appear in a romantic album Song. The title of this album Song will be “Khwabida”.

This song has been directed by Madhurima’s brother Srikanth. Talking about the project, Madhurima said, “Sayed has some connection with the past life, that’s why we came together.” Srikanth wanted to feature in songs for a year. We had removed this idea from our minds after the fight. But after LOCKDOWN, we approached Vishal and things got right.

I did not want to miss this opportunity and the song is amazing. We have moved and we do not want to talk about past. Talking about this, Vishal said that I do not refuse good work whether it is with Madhu or with anyone else. I liked the song so I said yes to the project. I told Srikanth that I wanted to get involved in the creativity project and I agreed.


Madhurima and I are comfortable with each other while we are in our character. Difficulties increase when we become the way we are. We finished the project within 2 days without any fight. We are not together and never can be. I am also right and they are also right. After a fierce fight on television, the pair will now romance onscreen. These couples had a breakup after being in relation for years. They tried hard to resolve their relationship. Now it has to be seen whether this pair once again performs magic onscreen.