It is said that artists come to hide their emotions well. This art is good in them. These faces on TV make us look happy but their personal life is not surrounded by the common people. But many times the situation has come such that these artisans do not manage themselves. There are some celebrities in the TV industry who have been crying on national television after remembering their X. Who has not been able to control his emotions and his tears on national television. There are many such TV actors.

Many actor/actoress got emotonal on national tv. Neha Kakkar has cried several times in a reality show on television for the first time after her breakup with Himansh Kohli. It was said that she broke up after the breakup from Himanshu Kohli. Whenever she heard the emotional song, she used to cry only.


Rashmi Desai could not handle herself after Arhan Khan’s truth was revealed. During Bigg Boss 13, Arhaan’s truth was revealed to Rashmi.
Rashmi Desai cried a lot after the aviation of Arhan Khan.



Aijaz Khan revealed on National TV that he understood the importance of relationships when he was completely broken. He said that he was sorry that he could not give 100%. Aizaz Khan wept after remembering the old relationship.


Recalling Sharad Malhotra, TV’s popular actress Divyanka Tripathi wept on national television. Remembering his old days in Rajjev Khandewal’s show, when Divyanka Tripathi spoke. Divyanka Tripathi’s tears were revealed when she told the old relationship.


When Priyank Sharma wept on National Television after seeing Divyanka Agarwal. Divyanka Agwal was not able to ruin the relationship of Uri on National TV. After that, he came on National TV and announced his breakup with Priyank Sharma. In Bigg Boss 13, Priyank Sharma cried many times after remembering Divyanka.