MC Stan Wins The Trophy Of Big Boss 16

MC Stan has won the Bigg Boss 16 trophy. On the night of February 12, as soon as the host of this show, Salman Khan declared MC Stan the winner by raising his hand, not only Stan himself but the whole country was in hue and cry. Stan himself was surprised when he became the winner, but along with him all the people on the surface were also shocked. Because till now Priyanka was the only contestant whose claims of victory were claimed not only by the contestants but also by TV stars.

Now many stars are unable to trust Stan’s victory. On his tweets, he is now telling Priyanka as his winner. If you don’t believe then let us also show you the shocking reactions of these stars ;- Gauhar Khan wrote on his tweet describing Shiv and Priyanka as winners :- Very Well Played Shiv and Priyanka | u give it ur all | #bb16 |

So the same Andy Kumar’s tweet is clearly showing the disappointment. That how upset he is with Priyanka’s defeat. Andy wrote :- First #railsehjpal now #priyankachahar Real Winners Full Stop .
So the same Rajeev looked very surprised by the victory of Aditya Stan. He did many tweets, on his first tweet, Rajeev wrote :- The winner for me #PriyankChahar you won heartst as Salman Khan.

After the finale, when Priyanka was asked about Stan’s victory, she too looked surprised and said that Shiva was a more deserving contestant according to her. Talking to the media, Priyanka told that it is possible that because of Stan’s different personality, he has been able to gain the love of the public and because of this he won. And according to Priyanka, Shiva was more deserving of this trophy. Even though she likes Stan more than Shiv, but Shiv seems more deserving to her.

Not only the stars and the public are surprised at Stan’s victory, but Stan himself is unable to believe his victory. Talking to E Times after the show, where Stan thanked the public, he also said that Shiv deserved more to win the show than him. When asked if Shiv was more deserving than him, Stan says that he was more deserving to win the show. The show was about personality and I got more votes. But I think my brother Shiva was more qualified than me.

Well Stan’s victory has created hue and cry in the whole country. In such a situation, now questions are also arising that what are the reasons behind such a shocking result? How suddenly the game of the show turned like this in the last 2 weeks. Didn’t all this happen because of speculative market. Well it is seen that someone who does not have much chance of winning and suddenly wins, then sudden ups and downs are seen in the betting market. Well whatever they are now but the fact is that Stan has won the Bigg Boss trophy and made this season his name.

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