The name of TV’s famous actress Sayantani Ghosh has also joined the beauties who have tied the knot by taking seven rounds of marriage. On December 5, Sayantani Ghose took seven rounds with her long-time boyfriend Anurag Tiwari. Sayantani Ghose did this marriage with great simplicity. But let us tell you that Sayantani’s journey to marry Anurag Tiwari has gone through a lot of troubles.

Let us tell you that both of them were dating each other for the last 8 years. But in these 8 years, there were many such moments when both of them had reached the verge of breaking up. Let me tell you that a few months ago both of them had stopped talking to each other. However, with time, this distance between the two reduced, and then both of them forgot all the troubles and decided to take the relationship to the next level after the consent of their family.

Let us tell you that Sayantani Ghose’s husband Anurag Tiwari is far away from the entertainment industry. Actually, Anurag is a fitness trainer. He met Sayantani through a common friend of his in the gym. And this meeting happened in such a way that after knowing each other for 8 years, both have now tied the knot. Let us tell you that Sayantani married Anurag in his hometown Kolkata. The wedding ceremony of these two was completely personal. Some family members and close friends were involved in their marriage.


For the wedding, Sayantani wore a red-colored Banarasi saree and only a red bindi. Sayantani adopted a very simple bridal look. And she was looking very beautiful. Anurag Tiwari wore the same dhoti kurta. Earlier on Sunday, Sayantani’s Haldi Ceremony was also held. Recently, the actress also shared some engagement pictures. On this occasion, she wore her grandmother’s wedding sari.

In a special conversation with E Times, the actress had told me that my grandmother had passed away in 2020. And I was closest to him. I wanted to feel his presence. And I know she is blessing me. So in his memory, I decided to wear that saree. which he had given to me. Let us tell you that after marriage in Kolkata, now Sayantani Ghose and Anurag Tiwari’s wedding reception will be held in Jaipur.

Both of them decided to throw a reception party in Jaipur because the actress’s husband Anurag is a resident of Jaipur. And immediately after being free from here, she wants to return to work. Well after a long relationship, actress Sayantani is also now tied in the bond of marriage. And after their marriage, where Sayantani and Anurag are happy on one hand, the fans of the actress have gone mad with happiness.