Naagin 5 has been in a lot of discussion since the last few days because the show has some intersting things happening in the coming days, which the viewers are very fond of. The fans are very happy to see this show. This show is getting immense love from the viewers. The previous episode showed how Bani (Surabhi Chandna) got married to Veer (Sharad Malhotra).

Veer has forcefully married Bani. Veer did all this because Bani killed Veer’s weak brother. Bani had killed Veer’s younger brother as Veer because Bani wanted to avenge the death of Jai from Veer. Fans of Naagin 5 are liking the chemistry between Surabhi Chandana and Sharad Malhotra, which is why the makers removed Jai and Bani from the love story. We will see more drama in the coming episodes.


This is going to be a two-hour episode. That is, on 27 September. Yes, this is going to be a ‘great episode’ as the story will take it to a new height. Thus, do not forget to watch Naagin 5 on Colors TV this Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm only. We will see that a battle is going on between Veer (Shashad Malhotra) and Jai (Mohit Sehgal) to get the superpowers of the eternal serpent / Bani (Surabhi Chandna). In promo, we can see that with the betrayal of Bani J ‘ Shocked ‘. In a shocking move, he declares that Bani’s biggest mistake was loving him, and believing that she loves him too. Jai then takes a bow and arrow and targets Bani with the intention of killing him. In a shocking move, he will come to the temple where Jai attacks Bani. Seeing this, Veer will come to her rescue. Due to which this action of Bani Veer will be surprised.

It will be interesting to see what Bani will do next. Will he declare war against Jae for betraying him? Is this a new beginning for Vani’s story?