TV star Sharad Malhotra feels that taking drugs may be a personal choice, but if he sees anyone on the set doing drugs, he will put his foot down. “I think these are human’s own choice. It’s a very personal choice if you want to consume drugs or alcohol. But why drag the whole area into it is something that I don’t understand .

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“They say that one bad apple spoils the whole basket, and I understand that. But it’s a large-scale industry that is flourishing, and it’s doing very well all these years . I really like that I’m proud to be a part of the industry. Whatever people want. It’s their choice to do it in their personal lives. But if you’re taking drugs or consuming alcohol on set So, I will put my foot down because we work at the same place. Honestly, I have not seen anyone doing anything like this in all these years.


Talking about the same, actor Sharad Malhotra said that “It is very disturbing because I don’t think it is right to target only the entertainment sector. You have corporate sector, industrial sector. Why only entertainment sector? Because There is a lot of money, fame and acclaim? It’s not right people. To target the entertainment sector, “he said. Sharad said,” I’m sorry, but I’ve never attended parties like this , I wish I could give you an insight on that. But all the parties that I attended, maybe it was an award ceremony or a birthday party. They are all very clean and I am very happy with those parties.