Naagin 6 Again leap will Come in the track

Long leap is going to come once again in Naagin 6. Will there be anything new in the story with the leap? The story of Naagin 6 has become very interesting. Where on one hand Preeti has decided to go to Naaglok after marrying Raghu and the story revolves around the question whether sheshnaagin will now stay in Naaglok or not. So in the meanwhile the makers have once again prepared for the leap.

If the latest reports related to Naagin 6 are to be believed then the same makers are soon going to bring a long leap in the track. , It is being said that this leap will be of 6 to 7 years, but the question is that if the makers are going to bring a long leap, then what is going to be new in the story. So we will tell you the news related to the new track of the show which will increase your excitement even more.

well now the news has already come to the fore that the makers want to focus the story on Naglok. Some glimpses of Naglok were also seen in the last few episodes of the show. The latest news is that after a leap of so many years in the show, the story will be completely shown under the earth i.e. Naglok. Not only this, but the news of some new entry is also coming to the fore. Recently, the news of the ray entry of Krishna Mukharjee and Harsh Rajput and Jasmin Bhasin was coming to the fore.

And now it is being told in the latest report that Bhagya Laxmi fame actress Shivani Jha is also going to enter with this leap.

It is being told that Shivani will have a central role in Nagain 6, which will bring a very new twist in the story. Let us tell you that whenever the makers bring a leap in the show, there has been a big change in the story. If you remember, the leap in Naagin first came when Pratha gave birth to her daughter in jail. At that time this leap was of one year.

After this, with the generation leap, new characters entered the story. After this, when Pratha, Rishab and Rudra died, even then there was a leap of few years in the show. And now when the show has been brought in extension for 2 months then the show is again going to take a long leap of 6 to 7 years.

If seen, till now there have been many leaps in this show. However, now it remains to be seen that the story of Naglok and many entries and apart from this what will be seen in this show.

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