Naagin 6 Makers Plan On New Track Of The Show

Big updates have come out on Naagin 6. These updates are about the track of the show. This news has already come to the fore that Naagin will not be off-air on February 6, or even in the month of March. This show is going to entertain us for the whole 2 months. There are reports that the makers have extended the show for 2 more months considering the love it is getting. That is, this show will be Off-Air in the middle of 2023.

The news is not only that the date of Naagin 6 has been extended, but the news is also that the makers have made major changes in the tracks of the show. E Times has learned from a source that the makers have planned a major twist in the track which will take the story forward in a completely new way. It is being told that the makers have added the track of Naag lok in the big track of the show. And now the further story of the show will be based on Naglok only.

Along with this there will be many new entries in this show. If seen, the track of Naglok has not been seen in a proper way in the Naagin series. Which is going to be very new for the public. The makers have already released the promo of the blue snake which is Shesh Nag. Apparently this blue snake will also have a connection with the new track. That’s why the makers have introduced it at the time when there is talk of extension of the show and talk of Naglok’s track coming up.

But will it be interesting to see a different kingdom of Naglok in the new track? Will the makers now show the track of Sheshnag along with Dhartilog below? These questions are also arising. And is this track of Naglok not connected to the past? In which the connection of Nagmanios will also be seen in a tremendous way. Well now what changes have been made by the makers along with the extension of this show, apparently it will be known in the upcoming episodes.

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