Naagin 6 Popular Actress Vishakha Aka Anita Hassanandani to Enter In The show

Naagin 6 will see the entry of a new Naagin Vishakha this weekend. This time there is going to be such a blast with terror. For the past few days, the news of the entry of Vishakha actress Anita Hassanandani, one of the popularity serpents of the Naagin 6 series, has been made in the limelight. But now Anita has confirmed all the news by sharing pictures of her Naagin look. Anita Hassanandani herself shared her Vishakha look on her Instagram story.

Seeing which the excitement of the people has increased a lot. Vishakha looks stunning as ever in this Maroon colored custom. So here the complete look of Anita is visible. But now the public also wants to know that this time due to the arrival of Vishakha, there will be some ruckus in the show. So let us tell you the upcoming track of the show in detail. How Vishakha will be a part of the story of this show and how will be her entry.

Let us tell you that in the coming episode, Preeti will come in her Sheshnagin form and worship in front of her Lord Bholenath. And will urge them to fill more powers in 9 gems. Those who are with the best serpent. With the blessings of Lord Bholenath, one by one those 9 gems will become more powerful. So, on the same Mahashesh Naagin becoming more powerful, Seema will also perform a special puja which will lead to Vishakha entry.

Yes, the makers have also shown a glimpse of Vishakha in the promo of the show, in which the features ranging from custom to jewelry and eyes are exactly matching with Anita’s look, which was recently shared by Anita from her Insta story.

With this great worship of Seema, Vishakha has come back in negative shade to support Seema and Mehak and to eliminate Maheshesh Naagin so that she can return all the gems to Mehak. If seen, after a long time, Anita’s negative marriage is going to be seen in an episode of Naagin. Which will be completely full of terror, evil forces, evil intentions.

In which mercy will not be far away. While on one hand the fans are excited to see Anita Hasanandani in this negative form, on the other hand people are also quite confused.

Actually, Vishakha’s character was positive in the last season of Naagin. In such a situation, how Vishakha became negative this time, this thing is troubling people a lot. It may be that Seema has taken Visakha under her control through her black powers. Or this serpent is not Vishakha at all. Rather, there is such a serpent in the form of Vishakha whose intentions are not right at all.

And Mahsheshnagin has to be defeated at any cost. Now it will be known in the coming episodes only that how Vishakha has become negative from positive. But it is certain that this time Vishakha entry is going to bring great ruckus in the track.

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