The fans of the Naagin series are eagerly waiting for the 6th season of Naagin. Fans want to know that this time which actress is coming to rule the hearts by becoming a Naagin in Naagin 6. Apart from this, ever since Ekta Kapoor has revealed that Naagin is coming on 6 January 2022, the fans are getting desperate to see the teaser of this season.

After the announcement of Naagin 6 by Ekta, once again all the fan pages related to Naagin have also become active and have started telling different theories. All kinds of theories have been going on among the fans regarding the new season. In such a situation, we have come to tell you the 3 theories related to which the fans of every Naagin have questions.

  1. When will the first teaser of Naagin come?

Well, whenever a show starts, its teaser video definitely comes. Since the arrival of Naagin 6, fans are waiting for the first teaser video. In such a situation, there are now theories going on some fan pages that the first teaser video of Naagin 6 will be released only at the end of November and the first teaser of the show can be revealed in the coming one to two weeks. Although it is not yet confirmed that when will the new teaser of Naagin 6 come. But looking at the way there is a lot of buzz among the fans, do you know if this theory of the fans proves to be true.

  1. Is Niyati hogi part of Naagin 6?

Ever since the news of Naagin 6’s arrival broke out, the news has been in the limelight that Ekta Kapoor will bring actress Niyati Fatnani as the new Naagin. The same and the According of Theory going on in the Fens will not be a part of Niyati Naagin 6 at all. It is being said among the fans for a long time that Niyati is not a part of the 6th season of Ekta. And she is going to bring 2 Naagins to the show.

This is also the reason why fans are saying this with the claim that the name of the puzzle serpent whom Ekta has confirmed as her, starts with M. And still looking for unity for the second Naagin.

  1. Who will become the Naag of Season 6?

The third theory that is going on among the fans is about the lead actor of the show. That is, about Naag. Such talk is going on on the fans’ pages that Rahul Vaidya, a well-known singer in the show and a contestant of Bigg Boss 14, can be seen in the role of Naag in Naagin 6. If this fact turns out to be true, then this will be the first TV show in which Rahul Vaid will be seen trying his hand at acting.

Well, Ekta Kapoor must have seen these things on different fan pages. Audience opinion and excitement will be clearly revealed. However, it will be very important to see whether this page theory of fans proves or not.