Popular Show Naagin 7 Ekta Kapoor Announce New Season Of Naagin

Finally, the moment and the moment for which the fans of Naagin series were waiting, Ekta Kapoor has made that big announcement from the stage of Bigg Boss 16. Ekta Kapoor has announced Naagin 7. In the January 22 episode of Bigg Boss 16, Ekta gave this good news to everyone. While on one hand, he signed Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia as the lead heroine of his film LSD, on the other hand, Ekta chose one of the remaining 4 beauties ie Archana Gautam, Sumbul Touqeer, Priyanka Chowdhary and Tina Dutta in Naagin 7. Also promised to cast.

But now a lot of excitement has increased among people to know that out of these 4, who will become the heroine of Ekta? Let us tell you that the way Ekta auditioned all the actresses in this show, she was most impressed by Sumbul Touqeer’s acting. Ekta also praised Sumbul a lot. In such a situation, discussions have started among the people that whether it is possible or not, Ekta will make Sumbul her new heroine.

By the way, there are many reasons for choosing Sumbul in Naagin 7. One is the excellent acting of Sumbul, which was praised by Ekta himself. So the craze among the people about Sumbul has increased even more. The simplicity and innocence with which Sumbul has won the hearts of people has created a strong fan-flow of Sumbul among the people. The desire to cast Sumbul in Naagin 7 has been going on for a long time.

In such a situation, the coming of Sumbul in Naagin 7 will make the public happy, as well as the Naagin series can also see a new type of serpent. Which would be completely different from the Naginos till now. Who will be very young and will probably be seen impressing people in a different way with her flirtatious style.

Well, the way Ekta Kapoor has announced the arrival of Naagin 7 series on the stage of Bigg Boss show, it is clear that preparations for the new season of Naagin have started. And this year Naagin 7 will knock us with new Naagin.

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