For the past few days, the news of Nagin 5 being off air has been everywhere. The news was that the story of Veer and Adi Nagin Bani may end in februray. But now a very big news update related to the ending of Naagin 5 has come out. There are reports that the last episode of Naagin 5 will be telecast on the next februrary i.e. 21th. On the same day as the first glimpse of Ekta Kapoor’s new show “Kuch To Hain” was also seen, now it is being said that 21st februray Nagin 5 will end. But what will be special in this last episode, which will be three special things that you can see in the last episode of Naagin 5. We tell you this.

The last episode of Finale 5 will see a lot of twists and turns. The Naagin series has been a specialty that every time Finale episodes have seen such twists and turns that prove the show’s last episode to be a hit. In such a situation, when the end of Naagin 5 is near, then it is certain that the finale episode will be quite trend this time too. Let me tell you that there are reports that in the finale episode, you will see as many clashes between the Chil dynasty and the Nag dynasty. Which will be seen for Nag Mani. It is also news that the battle to get Nagmani in the finale episode is going to be seen once again. This time Bani will not deal with her enemies alone.

Rather, you will also see the entry of the old serpents of the serpent as well. Like every season, Bella and Shera may also have an entry to make the finale episode of this season grand. However, it will be a little interesting to see how the eagles and the serpent dynasty will clash with each other in this battle to get the Nag Mani. It will also be interesting to see which old serpent comes to support Bani.

The last episode will form the foundation of the new episode. There are reports that at the end of Naagin 5, Ekta Kapoor’s new show “Kuch To Hoga” will show the foundation growing in the show. It is reported that in this new show of Ekta Kapoor, the story of the serpent and the vempire will be seen. And its story will start from the end of Naagin 5. Moreover, even more news is that the show “Some are” will be associated with Nagin 5. It is clear that from the last episode of Naagin 5, one can get a glimpse of this new show of Ekta Kapoor. Jo Nagin will connect the show’s audience to this show. Let me tell you that the news is that this new show of unity will be telecast on the weekend itself.

The story of Nagin 5 is about the love of Adi Nagin. To get his love, Adi Nagin returned from the golden age to the Kali-yuga. Even in the present, Veer and Bani went away as one. Sometimes the intrigues of Mayuri, sometimes eagle, Markat and the biggest enemy Jai did not allow the love of Adi Nagin to be fulfilled. Sometimes Bani went against Veer and sometimes Veer got lost. Due to which he withdrew from accepting Bani but now the last episode of the show is coming. So it is also sure that the meeting of Bani and Veer will be completed in the final episode. And the bond of these two will be seen in such a way that the fans will also be happy to see it.