Ravi and Nia did not even like to see each other’s faces. Then later the fight between Nia and Ravi ends. After all, let us know the whole matter.
Jamai Raja 2, the new avatar of Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey’s show Jamai Raja, has been released. This time, this serial has been released as a web series on Zee 5. In 2013, this show came to Paheli Bar. In this, the pair of Ravi and Nia was well-liked by the audience. However, there was a rift between the sets of the show. Now Nia broke the silence on this and told in an interview with Hindustan Times that “I was 23 years old at that time. I had not seen anyone who gets lost in his scene. And he is quite rehearsed.” | Ravi and I have a different way of working.

I did not like this thing. Things have moved a lot. This is why we stopped talking. This is why everything started bothering us. Ravi and I had reached such an extent that we were about to kill each other. The atmosphere on the set had deteriorated a lot. And I had to see her face. Because of this, I did not even like to go to the set. Maybe Ravi too Must have felt. We got a call from the channel and they took us on a conference call.


The people on the channel told us that the show is doing great but your fight is impacting your acting on the screen. The people of the channel explained to us Be professional and forget about our differences. That is why our fight is over. Nia says about her relationship with Ravi “After that we are very good and Su became very good friends. Today our friendship is the strongest. Now it has become a matter of family.

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