Jasmine and Ali’s fans rage over Nikki Tamboli. Fans of Jasmine Bhasin and Ali Goni advised Nikki to stay in position. Nikki Tamboli gave a reply to the fans of Jasmine and Ali and told them their trend paid. The couple of Jasmine Bhasin and Ali Goni is very much liked by their fans. Due to which the two days were also seen trending on Twitter.

In the house of Bigg Boss 18, Nikki had expressed her feelings regarding Ali and also said that she likes him. Well Bigg Boss House
Even after coming out, the contestants of the house remain in the discussion even today. In fact, in an interview given to Bigg Boss contestant Vijay Andy, Nikki Tamboli once again revealed his feeling about Ali Goni. Nikki said that she wants to go on a date with Ali. And they feel that Ali and Jasmine may have a breakup.

Well, Jasmine and Ali’s fans did not like Nikki’s statement at all. Due to which the fans of Jasmine and Ali beat Nikki on Twitter. As soon as the fans have started tweeting “Nikki stay in your position”. Not only this, even after this tweet, the Jasmine fans also reminded Nikki that Ali belongs only to Jasmine. Fans of Jasmine and Ali have started trending by tweeting “Ali is just Jasmine’s”. After which it is no. The trend has started at 1.


Nikki Tamboli broke the silence after the trend of fans of Vel Jasmine and Ali. Nikki posted a trend screen short on her tweeter handle and said that she is happy that she is being talked about, whether it is love or hate. Not only this, Nikki, who was taunting Jasmine and Ali’s trends, also told them this paid. What sarcasm does Jasmine Ali give on this taunt of Nikki? It will be very interesting to see.