Nisha Rawal made a big allegation on Karan Mehra. Where did I lose my first child because of Karan? At the time of pregnancy, Nisha said that Karan had raised her hand. Well, what is the full news | Let’s know Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal are one of those couples, seeing their love, everyone used to say that the pair should be like this.

But no one thought that this pair would break up like this. We all know that the relationship between Karan and Nisha has become very bad between the two. Both have made serious allegations against each other. Where Nisha has accused Karan of assault, where did Karan say that he did not kill Nisha? Rather Nisha did a lot of misbehavior with him. He also abused his family members. Even banging his own head on the wall.

Well Nisha later gave an interview where she made a lot of revelations about Karan. Where did Karan bother him a lot? Their affair is also going on. There was money problem in the house. You will be shocked to hear what Nisha has said now.

Nisha accused Karan that she lost her first child because of Karan. Nisha told in her interview that when she was pregnant for the first time, Karan did not take care of her. did not treat them well. According to a portal of Bollywood life, Nisha said: In the year 2014, I was 5 months pregnant. And I lost my first child. Neither did Karan talk to me nor did I live in touch.


I wanted to go to my family and talk to them. It was like a trauma to me. Meanwhile, Karan used to beat and abuse me. He was not with me in times of need. Even Karan stopped me from going to the therapist. He wouldn’t let me go to the gym. He completely controlled me. Recently I formed a group of mothers who have experienced this pain. Created this group so that he can share his pain with others.

Nisha clearly said in her interview that she lost her first child because of her husband Karan Mahara. Well these are all quite shocking.

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