After all, how are Parth Samthan and Ekta Kapoor‘s relationship going? Is Parth in the heart of unity now sour? Have you not forgotten the unity of Parth? U suddenly leave and leave Kasauli. After all, why did Parth suddenly leave the show? Was Parth’s decision to stop Kasauti after the lockdown? How is the relationship between Parth and Ekta now?

Once Partha Samthan used to be Ekta’s beloved TV star, there is news about her that Ekta no longer likes her like before. And they are also angry with him. Is it really what happened between Ekta and Parth while leaving Kasauti? On all these things, Parth has made big revelations in an interview given to a website called Bollywood Bubble. After all, what Partha has talked about, he tells those three things that you will know why Parth had decided to leave the test. After this decision, what kind of relationship they have with Ekta now?

Partha confessed to the Bollywood bubble, confessing how Mentally was facing torture. Partha disclosed that unfortunately, the situation was such. I was at the part where I could not come out. I could not come out and was not able to work on my work from the Properly Positive Mind space. Mentally torture was worse for me than physical torture from covid. I felt as if I had died. People were offering prayers, praying. Whether it is good or bad, but you know why you are in that area? So all I had to do was leave it. Let me tell you that during the lockdown of the year, Parth had also revealed his depression. Everyone was surprised to see that he had shared a post.


It was not my sudden decision to leave the test. I had to do this show for 2 years. Partha further said that he never wanted to make the show a long time. He was a part of the show from the beginning believing that he has to be associated with the show for 2 years only. He said that it was not a Sudden reaction, because of the covid, I decided that this was never the case. When I signed the test, I just put it

It was decided to give 2 years. And though I would do something different. This was my planning. I went according to planning and then covid. So I thought this was the right thing for me.

He further said that there has been no difference in the relationship between me and Ekta Kapoor by quitting the test. Rather, Ekta understood Parth’s point very well. Further, Parth told that we had a good talk of about 45 minutes. She was explaining to me about the show. But I told them that I need a break. Because I cannot deal with the situation. Since had a good understanding between us. And apart from this, I liked the way Ekta approached my web series instead of the TV show. Ekta told me that without the hero of the criterion, these shows are nothing. She told me that she wants to move forward as a character.

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