Actor Rajat Tokas, who became popular from house to house by playing the character of Akbar in TV’s popular historical show Jodha Akbar, has made his fans very worried due to the sudden hospitalization. Rajat Tokas himself has shared the information about being in his hospital through his Instagram account. After which the fans have become very upset. Everyone wants to know that after all, what happened to TV’s Akbar i.e. Rajat all of a sudden that it came to the point of getting him admitted to the hospital.

While sharing his post, Rajat has pointed towards mental stress. Sharing his post, Rajat wrote in the caption – Stress will always be there in life. You just need to know In every situation, you have the option of how to respond otherwise your body will respond. Whenever you feel like you don’t have time to relax, understand that those are the times when you need the most time to relax. I haven’t had any injuries and nothing serious. And nothing has happened because of the workout. Hope i will get well soon


After this post of Rajat Tokas, the fans have come under tension that whether Rajat is a victim of depression. Fans are constantly wishing Rajat his recovery after this post. Let me tell you that Rajat has been away from TV for a long time. Even he is not very active in social media. After working in Jodha Akbar from 2013 to 2015, Rajat appeared in the role of Vikrant in Chandra Nandini, and Naagin 3. But after the end of the Naagin show, Rajat made a distance from the TV show.

In such a situation, the fans are also worried about the fact that if Rajat is really suffering from depression, then his depression is not due to not getting work. Well whatever it is, but seeing Rajat’s post, now the fans are wishing him well. And with this, they are also waiting for their return on TV again.

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