Actress Ankita Lokhande is going to tie the knot with her boyfriend Vicky Jain on 14th December. Just before the wedding, all the rituals of Ankita Lokhande and Vicky’s marriage have started. Recently and actress Mehandi and Sangeet and engagement ceremonies were organized.

All the photos and videos related to this function are becoming fiercely viral on social media. And people are also a lot of love. In such a situation, we also tell you those three things about Actress pre-wedding function, knowing that your face will also glow with happiness.

  1. Ankita and Vicky’s look and romantic style plundered hearts.

From the Haldi ceremony of her future husband Vicky to the engagement ceremony, the style looked no less than a big Bollywood star. The look and style of both were such that seeing that everyone would not be able to stop expressing their happiness openly. Talking about mehndi, Ankita was created by well-known mehndi artist Veena Nagda. Who has made mehndi at the hands of many big Bollywood stars till now? On the day of Mehndi, Ankita appeared in a red color suit. In which his look was looking very cute. The same Vicky was wearing a brown and gray shade kurta pajama.

Mehndi Night was also celebrated fiercely at Ankita’s house. On the sangeet day, Ankita appeared in a white and pink shaded full designer lehenga. The same Vicky was wearing a matching sherwani to Ankita’s outfit. The style of both on this occasion was such that it touched everyone’s heart. Both of them were sometimes seen dancing, singing, giving film poses, and sometimes teasing each other. Let us tell you that recently Ankita was hurt on her leg but still she was seen celebrating this occasion fiercely. The same Vicky was seen lifting Ankita in her lap and showering love on her. Vicky and Ankita’s happiness can be clearly seen on the occasion of Mehandi and Sangeet.

2. Fun activity is done, where big stars of TV participated

Let us tell you that in Ankita Vicky’s Haldi Ceremony, along with dance and fun, fun activities were also included. Which you can see in this video. Ankita and Vicky are seen having fun with paints. Every guest who came to the function became a part of this fun activity. In the same Ankita Lokhande’s Mehandi Sangeet, many stars of the TV world also participated. Srishti Rode also joined her friend’s happiness. The bride who happened during this time also had fun. Srishti looked very sexy and off-shoulder lehenga.


Let us tell you that Srishti’s leg was also hurt. But she was seen dancing a lot at the friend’s wedding with a bandage. And both the actresses also posed while showing the bandage. The same Mahi Vij also reached with her daughter Tara Bhanushali. Ankita lifts Tara in her lap and is seen showering love. Tara also danced while in Ankita’s lap. Apart from this, many close friends also had a lot of fun.

3 . Fans were surprised to see the venue of the Ring Ceremony.

After Well Mehndi and Sangeet Ceremony, Ankita and Vicky’s engagement ceremony was done on Sunday evening. During which both were looking quite dashing. The look of both was quite royal. Many romantic videos and pictures of Ankita and Vicky related to the engagement ceremony became fiercely viral on social media.

Seeing this, there was no limit to the happiness of the fans. But the venue of Ankita and Vicky’s engagement was decorated in such a splendid way, after seeing that even the eyes of the fans were left open. And he felt for a moment that it was not a TV star but a big businessman getting married. People were also very happy to see Well Ankita’s Venue. You can see how many videos were shared from viral Bhayani’s page, how wonderfully, how grand was kept whose theme was blue.

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