Actress Rashami Desai And Devoleena Get Into A Massive Fight In Big Boss 15. So far in the Bigg Boss 15 house, there has been a lot of fighting between many contestants. But this time, the two contestants who had a fight between them, pulled everyone’s attention towards themselves. And with this everyone got into trouble too. And these are none other than actresses Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashmi Desai, who are called the best friends of the industry.

Well everyone knows very well that Rashmi and Devoleena are very special friends of each other. On every issue, both are seen together and giving each other’s support. Whatever be the situation, both never leave each other’s side. But ever since Rashmi Desai and Devoleena came as wild card contestants in Bigg Boss, there is a rift between the two.

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During the same Ticket to Finale task, such a heated argument was seen between the two friends which took everyone by surprise. People are also surprised because people give examples of the friendship of these two to each other. Even during Bigg Boss 13, both were seen together in the show. During that time there was a lot of discussion about their friendship. Even after the show, glimpses of Rashmi and Devoleena’s friendship were seen many times on social media.

Both do not leave any chance to spend their leisure time with each other. But after the entry into the Bigg Boss house, the way the relationship between the two is visible is really bothering the people a lot. And they are wondering whether there has really been a rift between the friendship of the two or is it just a part of the game for TRP.

This is because this season of Bigg Boss seems to be proving to be the most flop in all the seasons so far. And this season has got the lowest TRP. On the other hand, all the twists and plans of the makers are not proving right for the show at all. If you remember, Bigg Boss 15’s ex Contestant Donal Bisht had pointed out after leaving the show that some things in the show are planned in advance and are shown in the same accordion show.

In such a situation, has Rashmi and Devoleena’s fight really been planned to increase the TRP of the show? Meaning it is a game played for Trp or not. It’s hard to say at the moment. But the way the rift in their friendship is visible, the fans of both are very upset. And these fans are also wondering whether this fight is really going to last till the show or will there be bitterness between the two even after the end of the show.

Well, in the coming days, what will be the outcome of the relationship between Devoleena and Rashmi, their fans are going to keep an eye on it. Well, what will you say about this fight between Rashmi and Devoleena? Do tell us in the comment section.

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