Shraddha Arya first reaction to marriage Shraddha narrated her cute love story. Was dating Rahul for a year. What is the full news, let’s know. On 16 November 2021, Shraddha Arya gave a big wedding surprise to everyone. Shraddha married Delhi-based Navy officer Rahul Nagal. Now for the first time now, Shraddha has given a statement regarding her marriage. According to the report of Times Of India, while talking about her cute love story, Shraddha told that-

We took the decision of marriage only after last month. We didn’t even think about marriage. I myself did not know that I would get married so soon. I am dating Commander Rahul Nagal for one year. But we didn’t even think about marriage. I didn’t want to open up my personal life. We both met through a common friend. We used to meet occasionally when Rahul was in Mumbai. But then realized that there are more than friendships.

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And then we thought of taking our relationship to the next level. Regarding the marriage proposal, Shraddha further told that Rahul is very mature, he talked to his parents and then to my parents too. In a very short time, things were happening on their own. We engaged on 13th November and got married on 16th November. Shraddha said on long-distance relationships –

Whenever I get a chance, I go to meet Rahul. But for Rahul, the country comes first. They have to adjust their work. They understand my work too. We will keep meeting on such short holidays as long as my show is going on. And when the show is closed then we will plan how and what to do next.

Shraddha has always given happiness to the people through her character. We also hope that happiness remains intact in their lives as well.

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