Popular Show Jodha Akbar Fame This Actress Is No More Due To This Reason. Another Honor actress of the TV industry has now said goodbye to this world. This star has said goodbye to the world at a very young age. The death of this 29-year-old actress has left everyone stunned. This actress is Manisha Yadav, who played the role of Salma Begum in Jodha Akbar. It is with great sadness that Manisha Yadav is no more with us. There have been reports that Manisha Yadav died on 1 October due to brain hemorrhage.

Her co-star Paridhi Sharma has confirmed the sad news. Sharing Actress picture on her Instagram account, Paridhi Sharma wrote – This news is heartbreaking RIP @MANISHAYAADAV | The same Paridhi Sharma while talking to E Times, has told how she got the news of Manisha’s death and how much she was shocked by this news.

Paridhi says ‘I was not in constant touch with him after our show went off the air. But we are a WhatsApp group of people whose name is Mughal. This group contains all the actresses who were Begum in the show. Through this group, we keep in touch. If someone wants to share something important related to him, then we used to do it in the group. Yesterday I came to know about this news through this group and I was shocked.


She was not only a great actress but was always full of energy. It is becoming difficult to believe the news of his death. The most disturbing thing is that Manisha has a son of about one year. Telling you that She was only 29 years old and she has a young son. Whose first birthday was recently celebrated with pomp?

He also shared some pictures of Manisha’s son’s birthday with his Twitter handle. But the truth is that She has now said goodbye to the whole world along with her little son. Everyone’s heart is burning for that little life. And everyone is praying that Manisha’s family members get the strength to emerge in this difficult time.

Sources Image: Instagram