Why did the makers suddenly end the track of this actress? Pratigya 2 The story of the show and its star cast are loved by the audience. Season 2 has also not lagged behind in getting the love of the audience. However, now one of the actresses of the show has been in pain as she was abruptly stopped by the makers after a few days of shooting. Well, we are talking about the actor Supriya Kumari who played the role of Vimala Tyagi in the show. She is quite disappointed with the end of his character in this show.

Let us tell you that actress Supriya Kumari has returned to television after 2 years with ‘Mann ki Awaaz Pratigya 2’. But little did he know that his character would be eliminated so soon in the show.

Supriya had an exclusive conversation with T Times on the abruptly ending of her character. And in this conversation, he also expressed his pain. When Supriya suddenly ends her character in the show, she says that I started shooting for the show on March 15. Although I shot for only 4 days and that’s it. After that, I waited to report for the shoot which never happened.


When I contacted the creative team in April, they told me after a few days that I could do another show. That’s when I felt that my track had suddenly ended. Supriya adds, “It will always be a great opportunity for any actress to collaborate with producer Rajan Shahi. I was excited about this project. But it was my misfortune that it did not last even a month. This is disappointing and unfortunate. But we can’t blame anyone. The situation is not in anyone’s control.

Supriya further says that getting a new show after covid is a big challenge for you at this time. Supriya says that many people are sitting at home due to a lack of opportunities. Let’s see what will happen next. I’m trying to stay positive until I get a new show. Let us tell you that Supriya is quite a popular actress. Supriya rose to fame by playing the character of Amoli in the well-known TV show Barry Piya. Apart from this show also Supriya has appeared in many shows on TV.

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