Everyone is saddened by the death of anupam shyam ji. At the age of 63 years, this strong star of Pratigya show has always left everyone behind. Due to the departure of Anupam ji, all the co-stars who worked with him in the show Pratigya are in shock. Even the tears of actress Pooja Gor, who shared a special bond with Anupam ji in this show, could not stop.

In the show Pratigya, Anupam ji was playing the role of Sajjan Singh, the on-screen father-in-law of Pooja Gaur. There was no doubt in the show of both of them, but off screen, the relationship between the two was no less than the father-daughter relationship. In such a situation, Pooja was deeply shocked by the death of Anupam ji. While many TV stars were paying tribute to Anupam ji on social media, then everyone’s eyes were fixed on why Pooja did not react to Anupam ji’s death. In such a situation, you can guess how deeply Pooja was in shock due to the death of Anupam ji.

A few hours after the death of Anupam ji, Pooja offered her an emotional tribute. Pooja shared a picture with Anupam ji on her Instagram and remembered her for the last time with it. Posting on Instagram, Pooja wrote that Pratigya and Sajjan Singh may have been of opposition ideology, but the relationship between Bauji and Bitiya was very special. You took me under your shelter. Teach the correct pronunciation of words. Just like becoming a teacher, guided towards the path of success. For that I will be forever grateful. The priceless books of Hindi literature given by you are still holding my hand.


Your love, protection and your incomparable talent will be missed. God rest your soul The way Anupam ji is respected in the post of worship, he gave him the title of Guru. It is clear from him how special the relationship between Pooja and Anupam ji was. Pooja says that her and Anupam ji’s relationship has been very special. Let us tell you that Anupam Shyam ji was undergoing kidney treatment for 1/5 years. He had to undergo dialysis three times a week because of kidney problems. And in such condition he was also shooting for Pratigya 2. After a long time, he was very happy to be a part of Pratigya 2. But did anyone know that with the end of the shooting of Pratigya 2, Anupam ji will leave everyone. Well Anupam ji is no more with us but his character will live forever.

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