The news of the TV show Pratigya 2 Off-Air has surprised everyone. When this show went on-air in March 2021, at that time everyone expected that this show will also do wonders like its previous season. But now this show is now going to go off air after a few days. The fans are surprised but due to the show going off-air, one of the actors of the show has got a big shock. And he revealed such a thing that you will also be surprised to know.

This actor is Athar Siddiqui, who played the role of Dhara Tyagi in Pratigya 2. These actors are more shocked by the news of the show going off-air. Because of this show, many big projects have gone from their hands. Recently Athar spoke to the Times of India. He told how he lost many projects because of his commitment to the show.

Athar says that “When I signed Pratigya in February this year, I was very excited about this show because it is a very popular show. The audience gave a lot of appreciation for the first season. I thought the second season would be a game-changer for me. it was been a part of the show since its inception. I shoot it till April. After that, the team was shooting in another state due to Covid restrictions in Maharashtra. I was not taken there. I was asked by the producers to stay in Mumbai and told that I will call whenever I need it.


Every time I was told that my character would be needed soon. And I was on contract with him for about 2 years. So I could not take advantage of other opportunities that came my way. The makers had planned a love track with me with actress Supriya Kumari. But now this will not happen as the show is off the air. I am disturbed by the way things turned out and missed out on other opportunities that came my way. I did not accept any of them. Because I was committed to this show.

Let us tell you that Pratigya 2 is going to replace Gia Manek’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe show. While fans are seeing a lot of excitement for Rupal and Gia on one hand, on the other hand, fans are also very disappointed for Pratigya 2.

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