Earlier this year, when the news came out that season 2 of Pooja Gor and Arhaan Behll popular show ‘Pratigya’ is coming, there was a lot of excitement among the fans. Discussions of Pratigya 2 started happening everywhere. People were very excited to see the chemistry of Pratigya and Krishna Singh Thakur as well as the strong performances of Thakur Sajjan Singh in the show. After all, when the first episode of the show was telecast on 15 March 2021, the audience was quite impressed. But then slowly the interest of the people from this show went away.

The second season of the show, whose first part ruled for years, is being closed only after a few months. In such a situation, what are the three reasons due to which the show reached the verge of going off-air? Let’s know

This is also the biggest reason for this show going off-air. In fact, the audience was already well aware of the story of the show. How a boy from a Thakur family of Allahabad falls in love with Pratigya and then how both of them are forced to get married. How the love story of both progresses. This is what was seen in its first season. But the makers also brought the story of the second season similar to this. T his time Pratigya was seen raising her voice against injustice by becoming a lawyer. And he had to face his own.


The story seems to revolve around the same as the previous season. In the last season, Pratigya and Krishna’s love story caught the attention of the people. But the story of the second season showed a leap of 9 years. In which the further story of Pratigya Krishna Singh was shown. But the audience did not find any newness in the story of the show. Same star performance and same story. And the effect of this was that the audience gradually kept its distance from the show.

Well makers this time to connect the masses with the story of ‘Pratigya 2’, the show brought several twists and turns. Several tracks were introduced to spice up the show. But nothing worked. Even a one-year leap was brought in the show. But all the twists and turns didn’t catch the audience’s attention. And slowly the story became meaningless.

Well initially, the show got a very good response to know how Pratigya’s story will progress in the second season. But gradually the TRP of the show kept falling down. Due to the continuously falling TRP, it was decided to close the show in just a few days. Let us tell you that the last episode of Pratigya will be telecast next week. And Zia Manek is going to replace this show with the ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’ show.

In such a situation, now it is to be seen how this show of Zia is making a splash on TV.

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