Star Bharat’s show Pratigya 2 will see a big change in the coming days. Actually, the star who played a big character in the show has said goodbye to this show forever. Actually, the star that is being talked about here is actress Bhumika Gurung. who plays Krishna Thakur Singh’s wife Meera in the show. Bhumika will no longer be seen in the show.

Surely the audiences who like Meera’s character are getting very disappointed after hearing this news. Two updates related to the character and exit of Vel Bhumika have also surfaced. What are those 2 updates tell you? In the first update, why did Bhumika decide to leave the show?

Actually, Bhumika’s health is not good. She is surviving a lot these days due to her ill health. While talking to entertainment reporter IWM about this, BHUMIKA told me that I have got typhoid. I am going to the hospital. Actually, I had a talk with my makers recently. It was mutually agreed that I would not continue with the show. The makers were really helpful and supportive towards me and my decision. I am thankful to the makers for helping me. It is very unfortunate that I will not be able to continue with the character in this show.

Makers will not end Meera’s character in the show. Rather a new actress will replace Meera’s character. There have been reports that actress Tina Philip will replace BHUMIKA’s character in the show. And will be seen playing the character of Meera further. Let us tell you that Tina Philip has appeared in many TV shows till now. Tina has worked in shows like ‘EK AASTHA AISI BHI’, EK BHRM SERVGUN SAMPANN. However, now it is to be seen how Tina will play the character of Meera in this show. And will the audience be able to adopt him in this role after BHUMIKA’s departure?

Let us tell you that BHUMIKA PRATIGYA has worked in many TV shows even before 2. She has appeared in Star Bharat’s show “NIMKI MUKHIYA”. However, now she was forced to say goodbye to PRATIGYA 2 show due to typhoid.

We also pray that he gets well soon.

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