Pratyusha’s father reacted to Vikas Gupta’s statement. Said my daughter has become a gossip. They have been getting from the court for 5 years date on a date. Pratyusha’s case has not even started yet. Popular TV star Pratyusha Banerjee may not be in this world but her parents are still fighting for the rights of their daughter. Pratyusha’s father says that despite being 5 years old, the case has not yet started.

At the same time Vikas Gupta had confessed to having a relationship with Pratyusha Banerjee during an interview. On this, Rahul Raj Singh, who was Pratyusha’s partner, had reacted. And where was it that Vikas is talking like this for publicity? But now the actress’s father has reacted to this and said that when the news related to Pratyusha was going on.I had received calls from many media houses. It was assumed that some nonsense must have been saying. That’s why I haven’t opened that news yet.

It is not right for a father to read all this to his dead daughter. I will not comment on this. What Vikas is saying right now is beyond my understanding. Let us tell you that Pratyusha’s parents are getting a date on date from court for 5 years. Pratyusha’s father told me that it has been 5 years. The case has not started yet. According to them, some people do not even want that the case should go ahead. His daughter has become a gossip.


Where do they feel very sad when I see the negligence of our law and order? But it is not denied that this is the only recourse. Both of us are sitting on this only. You see, the culprit of your daughter is sitting comfortably and living life. And here we weep mole – a mole in his memory. God doesn’t give so much trouble to anyone.

Let me tell you that Pratyusha’s father told me that 10 AUG is my daughter’s birthday. And like every time, he will make this day special. We also hope that the truth of this case comes in front of everyone as soon as possible.

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