Priyanka Chahar Choudhary How She Became Tv Actress :- Big Boss 16

From the beginning to the end of Bigg Boss 16, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s name was in the limelight. Priyanka has become the heartbeat of every heart with this show. Someone is so impressed with Priyanka’s style and loud voice that she has become the choice of stars too. As you know that Priyanka comes from an army family. In his family, his father and brother and most of them belong to the army. But how Priyanka came into the entertainment industry and how she became such a big star, this story is really interesting.

Let us tell you through this blog that how the girl from Jaipur became such a big actress. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was born on 13 August 1996 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His father is an army officer. Due to her father being in the army, Priyanka grew up in the army quarters where she lived with the family. Whom everyone lovingly called as Pari. Her family also had a lot of discipline. There was an army-like atmosphere where studies were conducted like the Indian Army. It was allowed to watch TV only from 8 to 9 in the evening.

She has been father’s darling since the beginning. Priyanka had only one dream that by whatever means she could make her father feel proud. Priyanka completed her schooling from Jaipur and she was a very good student in studies too. Also used to participate a lot in some extra activities like anchoring drama. It was from there that Priyanka came to know about her potential. Due to which his interest started moving towards acting.

Her family was very strict, but when Priyanka told her family about her passion for acting, there was no problem. Then he got an offer from Jaipur-based director Kunal Verma, who was looking for a model for his music video. That’s why he asked Priyanka and Priyanka also got ready for this. And in this way, Priyanka made her acting debut.

After this, she auditioned for a German movie, after which her brother Yogesh Chaudhary also made fun of her because Priyanka’s skin tone was a bit dusky, on which her brother said that you are not so beautiful, you are auditioning unnecessarily. But Priyanka auditioned and she got selected for that movie.

After this Priyanka never looked back. She kept doing music videos one after the other and Priyanka worked in more than 20 music videos as A Model. In which Babbu Maan’s song came ONLINE in 2016. Then came the song Robin Sandhu’s Hanju in 2020 and some of his popular music videos. Although Priyanka had worked in many music videos, but she did not get any special recognition. Because only singers get more popularity from music videos and models keep changing.

After a while, Priyanka realized that she could not make a special identity of herself by doing such music videos, so she turned to Mumbai. Priyanka left her hometown and turned towards television and started auditioning everywhere and after auditioning she made her TV debut in 2019 from Gathbandhan show on Colors TV. Also Priyanka appeared in episodes of Saavdhaan India, Crime Petrol.

Also appeared in the show Ye Hain Chahte in 2020. But the turning point of Priyanka’s life proved to be the Colors TV show Udaariya in which she played the character of Teju in the lead role. Udaariya, the show was very much liked and Priyanka’s popularity skyrocketed after this show. The story of how Priyanka got the show Udaariya is also very interesting. Actually, the producer of the show Sargun Mehta had to make a show about Punjabi culture. Priyanka had already worked in a lot of Punjabi videos. After this Sargun approached Priyanka on Instagram and urgently asked her to audition for the show.

Priyanka was not convinced at first but later she quickly recorded the audition and sent it to Sargun and thus Priyanka became the lead heroine of the show.

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