.Popular Producer Ekta Kapoor Show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki Season 2 Coming Soon. Some time ago Ekta Kapoor’s old serial Kasam Tere Pyar Ki was in a lot of discussions. The reason was the announcement of season 2 of this show. However, after this news completely faded. No update of the serial surfaced. But the latest update that is coming out now is going to make the fans very happy. As you all had come to know about this news earlier that this time in season 2, along with the old pair, a new star cast will also be seen.

Well, something like this is going to happen but a big turn can also come in it that only the characters of the story will be new but the name of this serial will also be completely different. It is clear that like serial season 1, the pair of Sharad Malhotra and Kritika will not return this time. Although earlier there were reports that both the stars could be seen for the cameo. And can introduce the new star cast.

But if the serial is carried forward with a new name, then it may be that Sharad and Kritika may not be seen in this show. The same question that is being asked again and again is when this serial of Ekta

will make a comeback. When will this show be On Air? So if the news is to be believed then this serial is going to make a comeback next year i.e. in January.

However, the complete confirmation will be done only after the official disclosure of the makers and the channel. Let us tell you that in the first season, the chemistry of Sharad and Kritika as Tannu Aur Rishi was very much liked by the audience. Let us tell you that Kritika left the show in the middle. But on the huge demand of the fans, Kritika returned to the show. You can guess from this how much craze was there among the fans about the show.

Ever since Season 2 has been announced, the audience is looking very excited. However, now it has to be seen that if Sharad Aur Kritika does not lead the show, then who will be the hero and heroine of this show of Ekta. And how much will he win the hearts of the people?

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