Well-known TV stars Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey are undoubtedly away from the TV. But his first production show “Uddaariyaan” on TV is making a lot of noise. Few months have passed since the show was launched. No one had thought that in such a short time this show will impress the audience so much and will be covered in TRP. Well, so that this new show could get the love of the Uddaariyaan audience, the producers of the show and Ravi had already taken special care of some things.

Which is now directly benefiting the show. What are the three things that the producer took special care of? This is the advantage of bringing new and fresh faces in any show instead of bringing well-known faces on TV. That one, people do not compare them with the first show and connect the new pair with themselves quickly. Keeping this in mind, show makers Sargun and Ravi have given such stars a chance in their show Uddaariyaan.

By the way, actor Ankit Gupta, who plays Fateh, has appeared in many big shows on TV in the past. But this is his first show as a lead actor. Th is is the debut show of actresses Isha Malviya

and Priyanka Chaudhary, who play Teju and Jasmin. Although both Isha and Priyanka are social media influencers. And he is getting the benefit of his strong fan following in this show too. Those who came to this show to see his first show.

Well, it is the dream of most of the youth in Punjab to settle in Canada and then in another country. The story of this show is also revolving around such youth of Punjab. The concept of how the dreams of these stars will be fulfilled in the show has impressed the audience a lot. Also, the way the lives of the three are entangled in each other. The story has also taken a love triangle twist. Even more, this show is coming closer to more people. Anyway, it is often seen that the track of the TV show Love Triangle is a guarantee of a hit. These days many such shows are going on in which a love triangle is very visible. And because of this track, he has also got a lot of love.

To make their show a hit, Shargun and Ravi have taken special care that the track of the show does not go in the same direction. Along with time, the way the makers are bringing shocking and new twists in the show has also proved to be beneficial for the show. For example, you can see that for some time it seemed that FINALLY Fateh and Teju’s love story would progress and both would become one. But such a twist came in the show, both of them are seen separating from each other. And Jasmin has come between Fateh and Tezu. Well, makers also know the taste of the audience very well. And they are not going to bring anything to the audience easily. Rather, by bringing many twists in it, they are making it more crispy.

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