You will know the news of dance Deewane 3 host and dancer Raghav Juyal being covid. But despite being ill with the corona, the knowledgeable dancer is doing at the moment, your knowledge will be widened by your chest.

At this time, while the second wave of Corona is very dangerous, the best people are worrying about it. Despite being a corona, Raghav Juyal is caring about others more than his own. And are engaged in saving the lives of others. Raghav Juyal’s unique human face is seen on his Instagram.


Despite being a victim of corona at this time, Raghav Dusaro, who is lying in bed, is running a campaign to arrange beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma and other life saving drugs for the corona patient. Actually, Raghav is using his contact and helping the needy. And are helping to make massages more and more accessible to the people.

At a time when people are worrying about themselves, these juster abilities of Raghav are praise. Raghav is not only doing a shot out for the necessary needs but also releasing a list of empty beds, plasma, for the covid patient. There are also good fan followers of Raghav. The amazing dancer Raghav Juyal, who makes everyone laugh, is equally powerful in real life as he appears on the TV screen.

By the way, the outbreak of corona has been on Raghav’s show for the last several days. Before Raghav, the judge of the show i.e.Dharmesh also went corona positive and went into isolation. Right now Dharmesh is still resting away from the show.

At the same time, when Raghav had reported the news of himself being covid positive, his friends and his fans were also very upset. All TV celebs like Asha Negi, Mohini Kumari, Sunil Grover, Suganda have wished her a quick recovery.

We also wish that Raghav Juyal’s being Covid. as soon as possible, was seen smiling and jumping the dance as before.

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