Rakhi Sawant has an old relationship with controversies. She stays in the headlines by making direct statements. Rakhi is known for her item songs. When the same Rakhi participated in Bigg Boss 1, for the first time, Rakhi had expressed her love for dancer and actor Abhishek Awastaki. Love was awakened in Rakhi’s heart for Abhishek. Both stayed together for a long time.

But their relationship got noticed and both of them separated their paths. After that Rakhi’s swayamvara was done. Rakhi claimed on ND TV Imagine’s show “rakhi ka swayamvar” that she will marry the winner of the show. In 2010, Rakhi got engaged to the show winner Ilesh but both of them broke up after a few days. In December 2018, Rakhi got her wedding card printed.

It was claimed that Rakhi is going to marry boyfriend Deepak Dalal. The wedding card also mentioned the date and place of the wedding. Rakhi Sawant again told in July that she got married at Mumbai’s 5 Star Hotel. But he did not show the wedding pictures as well as the pictures of the husband. He said that only 4-5 people were present in his marriage. Rakhi shared her honeymoon photos. After this, she also shared pictures of Karva Chauth and told that she had fasted for her husband.


However, people were not sure about Rakhi’s wedding. Looking at Rakhi’s pictures, he felt that he performed 3 ways. Rakhi and Ritesh belong to Hindu customs, court marriage. Let me tell you that Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh had given an interview and said that he does not want to come in front of the media. Rakhi herself says that her husband likes to stay away from the limelight. According to Rakhi, her husband lives in London.

And he is an NRI business MEN. And now Rakhi Sawant has become a part of Big Boss 14. By the way, she is entertaining people a lot. But at the same time, a controversy has also arisen. Rakhi’s close friend Rahul Mahajan had revealed on the show that Rakhi is very loyal in real life. Rakhi lives with Sawant, Rakhi’s mother, and not her father. And their siblings have no idea. Rakhi Sawant’s life now revolves around Ritesh. Rakhi Sawant and Riteish met two years ago. After which Rakhi Sawant married Ritesh Deshmukh.