After the entry of wild card challengers in Big Bose 14, there are different scenes. After the entry of new members, the atmosphere of the house has completely changed. In the meantime, Rakhi Sawant, who has entered the house among the challengers, is getting the most limelight. Rakhi Sawant is entertaining members of Bigg Boss house with her cool style.

He is going to get the ghostly look of Rakhi Sawant in the next episode of Salman Khan. The makers of Bigg Boss 14 have released a promo for the upcoming episode, in which Rakhi Sawant is seen doing strange things. It is seen in Bigg Boss 14 that Arshi Khan is asking Rakhi whether you are Rakhi Sawant.

You have to live with it. Rakhi is seen only shaking her head. After this Rakhi is seen standing in the bathroom. Jasmin gets scared after seeing him. Jasmin asks Rakhi what are you doing. Rakhi does not respond to Jashmin’s question. Rakhi is saying that I am not happy for 200 years. This is my place. It is difficult to tell whether Rakhi is doing this to get control or is it really something or is there a task. This will be known only in the coming episodes. But let’s see what the fans are saying after watching the promos of this episode.

Rakhi has been making headlines ever since Rakhi has entered the show. Rakhi Sawant is often in the discussion about her controversy in Big Boss.