Popular Actress Rakhi Sawant’s mother passes away due to cancer

Rakhi Sawant’s mother has passed away. He was a victim of brain tumor and cancer for a long time. He breathed his last at 8.30 am on Saturday. She was fighting a battle with cancer for almost three years. A few days ago, he had a brain tumor, after which his condition worsened. Recently, Rakhi was also seen several times in the hospital. After the market, Rakhi got information from Bigg Boss that her mother’s health has deteriorated and she has been admitted to the hospital. After this Rakhi straight reach Bigg Boss hospital. Rakhi had started coming and going here continuously since last days. Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant passed away on Saturday.

Rakhi Sawant recently also discussed about her mother’s health. She thanked those who helped. At the same time, the fans also appealed to pray for the mother’s recovery. Along with this, Rakhi Sawant also thanked those who helped for the treatment of the mother. Recently happiness came in the life of Rakhi Sawant. Now the death of the mother has made Rakhi Sawant inconsolable.

In Short

  • Rakhi Sawant’s mother passed away today, January 28.
  • She was battling brain tumour and cancer.
  • The news was confirmed by Rakhi’s husband, Adil Durrani.

The actress added in the video that nobody spoke to her in the reality show about her mother’s health and she got to know once she stepped out-post the finale. A teary-eyed Rakhi further said, “She is fighting a battle with cancer. We just came to know that she has brain tumor with cancer.” At one point in time, She pans her camera at her mother who is undergoing treatment and lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

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