Rashmi Desai has expressed her desire to see the recently released film Sanjay Dutt and Aaliya Bhatt’s new movie Sadak 2 and also shared her EXCITMENT on social media. But the audience did not like this thing of Rashmi and the audience started trolling Rashmi. Speaking of abuses, the audience demanded to boycott Rashmi. The trollers also questioned Rashmi’s integrity.

The audience commented Rashmi Desai and also asked that she is not taking the stand for her friend Sushant.

With this sadak 2, 28 aug was released on the OTT platform and while watching Sanjay Dutt as EXCITMENT, Rashmi wrote on Twitter that I am desperate to watch Road-2, and I love Sanjay and I love this film Sanju Baba I will definitely look for and you will get well soon. Seeing this tweet, the audience got angry at Rashmi and demanded to boycott Rashmi ‘. Finally, Rashmi had to clarify after seeing all this and released a statement along with the tweet which is like this;