Rashmi Desai shed tears by remembering her old days. this actress made a statement about casting couch and mental health.
she is one of the top actresses on the small screen. The actress is known for her impeccable style. These days an interview of Rashmi Desai is very much discussed. In an interview given to Pinkvilla, Rashmi Desai spoke about divers, depressions, casting couches and Struggle Days. Rashmi said that I used to live with very poor family. My mother has brought up my mother as a single mother.

However, in my childhood, there was not much money in my house. Due to this, I could study very hard. Mother did not compromise on education and gave them good education. Many times there was no money at home during the festival, everyone used to celebrate happiness. It has also happened that many times we had no luck in bread for 2 days. My childhood was not so easy. The mother was divorced and the lifestyle was very difficult.

There was such a woman who kept an eye on me that if I come in my hand, then I should be picked up and taken away. There was also an uncle who tried to touch me in a bus in the age of 6-7 years. Rashmi met actor Nandish Sandhu on the set of utran. And in 2012 they got married. However, after 6 years of marriage, their relationship broke up.


When the news of the divorce of both came to the fore, the fans were quite shocked. Rashmi told about this that when I got divorced, people started judging me that there would be some misery in this, started taunting them. I never wanted to get divorced and I tried everything possible for this. Because I wanted it more than myself. But when I did not see any hope, then I myself said that it is not necessary to be in such a relationship. We split up. Subsequently also suffered from depression. Rashmi began to step into the acting world at a very young age.

Initially, Rashmi said that she too had to face the casting couch. Rashmi said that I was 14 years old then I still remember her name was Suraj. I don’t know where they are now. But he tried his best to take advantage of me. I did not know English when I first met her. He knew that I did not know anything about the industry then. He called me at the audition to do the molest where there was no one except him. I also tried to take advantage of me by adding something to my drink.