Popular Actress Rashmi Desai Back as Laal Naagin in Naagin 6

Will Laal Naagin return again in the new story? Rashmi Desai’s re-entry will be in Naagin 6? You will remember that shortly after the start of Naagin 6, the makers got actress Rashmi Desai entered as Laal Naagin.

Rashmi Desai had created a lot of terror in India with her poison by becoming Laal Naagin in the show. This form of Rashmi in the show was not only liked by the people but a huge jump was also seen in the TRP of the show.

Now the glimpse of Laal Naagin has been seen once again in the promo of Naagin 6. Actually, it is shown in the promo that Pratha is in sleep and remembers her past. In the dream, she sees that she is surrounded by snake charmers and she also gets to see some glimpses of Laal Naagin in this dream sequence. After which the people who follow Naagin 6 are confused about whether Rashmi Desai is really coming back once again.

Well if seen, the chances of Rashmi Desai’s return in the story are very less, we also tell the reason why. One reason for this is that after the end of Lal Naagin in the story, Shalaka’s story was exited. After the same leap, it will be shown in the story that Pratha is afraid of her two daughters that many may not have the boon of becoming the serpent of Naaglog. Are they both Sheshnaagins?

This fear of Pratha is also because she knows how big is the status of Sheshnaagin. Whoever becomes a sheshnaagin gets nothing but sacrifice and sorrow in his life. The custom does not want that which she and her maternal grandmother have suffered by becoming Sheshnagin, that her daughter should bear further. In such a situation, Pratha is constantly haunted by the memories of her past. The phase that she has gone through comes back again and again in her dreams.

Maybe this scene of laal naagin is nothing but a dream. Because after the leap, the entire focus of the story will be on the new stars. In such a situation, Rashmi Desai’s entry can fade the new characters. Well, on the occasion of this weekend, new characters will appear in Naagin 6. With this, what turn will the new story take, it is going to be revealed in the coming episodes.

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