Raveena Tandon faces mob assault in alleged road rage incident; video goes viral

CCTV Footage of Raveena Tandon’s Alleged Brawl Released

Raveena Tandon faces mob assault in alleged road rage incident; video goes viral

On Sunday morning, news surfaced that Raveena Tandon’s driver allegedly hit three women, including an elderly woman, resulting in a brawl between Raveena and the women. However, a source told News18 exclusively that Raveena did not step out to fight but to defend her driver, and she was not intoxicated, contrary to earlier reports.

The released CCTV footage has now proved that Raveena’s car did not hit the women. Instead, the footage shows that the driver maneuvered the car around the women.

Check out the video below:

Earlier in the day, a source told News18 that the group of women had gathered outside Raveena Tandon’s residence at around 9 pm on Saturday. “The way this episode has been portrayed is wrong. CCTV footage from around the area proves that a group of women came outside Raveena Tandon’s home in the evening and they were the ones who started shouting at and fighting with the driver. She joined them just to protect her driver,” the insider said.

The source added, “If the driver had injured them first, why didn’t they go to the police station and file an FIR? Unlike what’s going around in the news, Raveena wasn’t drunk. The news that the driver attacked these women is also false and fabricated.” Meanwhile, Raveena has refrained from sharing any statement as the matter is with her lawyer now.

On Saturday night, a video was released online showing a group of women hitting Raveena. One of the alleged victims was heard telling Raveena, “You will have to spend the night in jail. My nose is bleeding.” Raveena was heard urging people, “Don’t push. Please don’t hit me.” When she noticed the camera, she asked the person to not film her.

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