Rubina‘s Fans showered love on Rubina | Trends are happening on social media. After all, what is the whole news Let us know? Music videos by Rubina Dilayik and Abhinav Shukla are going to be released soon.

That is, even before 18th March, Rubina’s fans have trended Rubina’s upcoming music video. Tell me the name of the music video of Rubina and Abhinav Shukla is “Marjaania” and they are seen trending by the name of this song. Right now, “Marjaania” is seen trending on Twitter in the name of tomorrow. Let me tell you that Rubina’s fans are seen pouring lots of love on her. Over 3 lakh tweets have been done.

Well here are the fans who tell you that they are running a Hashtag under the name of “Marjaania” and because of this Rubina’s song is released as well as no. Stayed at 1 and appeared to cross several million. And many records were seen breaking. Ruby Hollex has decided that Rubina’s songs have to be taken to the highest level and due to this they are working hard. Which are clearly visible to us. Well, how much are you excited about “Marjaania”, tell me in the comment box.