Rubina is breaking several records one after the other in Bigg Boss house. Although Rubina is a well-known face of television, but after going to Bigg Boss house, her own personality has been very liked by the viewers. Due to which Rubina has made her place in the hearts of the viewers. Today, he has achieved a new record in his name. Rubina Dilike has also left behind Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss. Siddharth Shukla is a known face of television industry. Before going to Bigg Boss house, he had very good fan following.

There was a time in Bigg Boss 13 where all the people inside the house were nominated along with Siddharth. Among them, Siddharth Shukla was found to be the highest vote contestant. Where Siddharth got 90% votes. But if seen, now Rubina Dilayik is breaking this record. According to sources, this week, Rubina Dilaiq and Shardul were nominated to leave the house. Where they are getting votes openly to save Rubina.


Rubina Dilike is becoming one of the Big Vote contestants of Bigg Boss 14. This week Rubina got 92% votes. The same Shardul has got 4% votes. By getting 92% votes, Rubina has made a place in the heart of the audience. He has left Siddharth Shukla behind by getting 92% votes. This will be the second time even before Rubina broke the record.

Earlier #viewerschoicerubina was trending on Twitter. Rubina Dilayik is making a place in the heart of the audience with her style. Rubina, who responds to every issue of the house, is liking the audience.Rubina Dilaik was seen in the last time popular show Shakti. Where he played the role of transgender. On seeing this character of Rubina, the audience started liking her. From the fan following of Rubina, it can be found out how Rubina is in the heart of the audience.