Rubina Dilike‘s phone number was leaked. Along with Rubina, the numbers of many big stars were also leaked. Could have misused these numbers. Seeing all this, Rubina’s husband Abhinav took a big action. Well, let’s know the whole news. Rubina and Abhinav remain in discussion for many reasons, but now both have come to the headlines due to a very interesting case.

A website that was illegally sharing the contact numbers of several celebrities along with Rubina Dilaike was disabled on Tuesday. Abhinav Shukla tweeted that after receiving calls and messages to his wife Rubina from all the numbers, he closed this website with the help of his friend. Abhinav tweeted about this and told that a website was illegally sharing the number of all actresses. It has now been disabled. Thanks to my engineer friend. Do not mess with engineers.

In the same interview, Abhinav told “I took the help of one of my engineer friends. To shut it down and complain against it. I talked to him about it and it took him three days to disassemble this page. This website is closed today. Hundreds of contact numbers were available on this website. If this guy works again, I will complain about cybercrime. Abhinav said that it is not in our control such things. But I know that the techniques Can be used incorrectly in this way.

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