Tonight the episode of Big Boss 14 is going to be very emotional. Where Bigg Boss 14 tells all the contestants that to get emiunity, you have to reveal your life on Big Secret National Television.

A secret that only you know close to you. And now after this revelation the whole country will know. The story which will be most emotional and which will touch the most viewers will win this immunity task. And Rubina Dilaiq told her fans that after hearing this, everyone was shocked. Rubina told that she and her husband Abhinav were to give each other a live till November. They gave each other time even till November.

He also came in Bigg Boss 14 so that he could spend time with each other. If they do not work out the things that do not come in Bigg Boss 14, then today Rubina and Abhinav’s name would not have come in the Best Power Couple but in the Divorce Couple. As soon as Rubina said this, Ruban became very emotional and started crying a lot. The moment it was emotional was too much to see. After revealing this thing, when Rubina comes from the conference room, Abhinav tells them that you told this thing.


Now this news will flash everywhere and people will talk about us in different ways. After this, Rubina says that the truth of our life is that we were going to give each other divers till November. This is the biggest reason for coming to the Big Boss that we were able to give time to each other. The same Ijaz is also going to reveal the biggest secret of his life in today’s episode. The same Nikki Tamboli is also going to reveal a secret that did not want Nikki Tamboli’s parents to share it with anyone. On the other hand, Jashmin Ali is seen saying that if he will reveal this thing on national television, will Ali love him like this?