There have been reports about actress Rupal Patel, who became famous from house to house by playing the role of tough mother-in-law Kokila ben on TV that her health is not well at all. There are reports that he has been admitted to the hospital. It is being said that he is admitted to the hospital for the last few days. In such a situation, this news of his has spread a lot to the fans. They are asking the question that what happened to Rupal Patel?

Has she been in the grip of some serious illness? Or is it something else? So let us tell you that news has come out that Rupal Patel has been admitted to the hospital due to a minor health issue. On the other hand, Rupal’s husband Radha Kishan Duttpal has also appeared. And he has shared Rupal’s health update.

According to a report of India today, it has been told about the health of Rupal Patel that Rupal Patel is absolutely fine. There is nothing to worry It is being said that Rupal Patel will soon be discharged from the hospital. His health is improving. A source related to the same actress told that Rupal Patel is admitted to the hospital. They are fine for now. She will be discharged from the hospital in the next 3-4 days. The source further added that the family members did not want to reveal the reason behind the actress being recruited.


Let us tell you that last year Rupal Patel came into the limelight when Yash Raj made a funny meme on his nightingale character on Rasode main Kon Tha. When it was realized that once again people remembered Nightingale ben. And on the other hand, the makers of Saathiya also brought a new season of this show. Who is doing amazing work at the moment? Now another new season of Saathiya is also being talked about in which Zia Manek and Mohammad Nazim will also be seen. With this, there are reports about Rupal that she will also be a part of this show.

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