Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st Episode Preview. Jayati Bhatia has started shooting for the show in Sasural simar ka season 2. And along with this, many revelations are coming out |

one after the other on the casting and story of the show. Is this time going to have a double role in Mata Ji’s show? Will the show also have a supernatural touch like the previous or will the story be very modern, then let us know about it.

Actually, Jati Bhatia i.e. Mata ji, while interacting with a website, has revealed about the flout air casting of the show. This time Mata ji’s double roll? There is a new twist in this new season. Jayati Bhatia played the role of Mata ji in the last season, which was in the role of mother-in-law. But this time she will be seen in different roles.

Jayati Bhatia’s first role will be in the role of Sasu Maa i.e. Nirmala Devi Bhardwaj. And the second role will be of Geetanjali i.e. a businesswoman who is a very bold and strong lady. Nirmala Devi Bharadwaj and Gitanjali are two sisters among themselves. And at the same time, Gitanjali Oswal gives the responsibility of finding Simar-like multiples for her children to Simar i.e. Deepika Kakkar. Jayati Purani will be seen in the role of Mother for a short time in this show. |


But his more screen presence will be seen as businesswomen. That is, they will look like two sides of the same coin. Deepika Kakkar’s role is bigger than a guest appearance. When the shooting of the show started, these questions were also being asked whether Deepika would have only a cameo role like Devolina on the record of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2. But now it is clear from Jayati Bhatia that Deepika’s role will also be longer than guest appearances. Because she will not only introduce the new daughter-in-law but will also be seen later in the story.

The story will be modern this time, not supernatural. Last season, a supernatural twist came in the story of Sasural simar when Simran was made a magical power. But the story track will be modern, not supernatural. Lady Radhika Muthukumar, Tania Sharma, Destruction Mukherjee, and Karan Sharma, who will be seen in the show, will all play modern characters and will also be shown how the new in-laws of this era with mother-in-law will be shown. | Overall, the shooting of Sasural simar ka 2 and the rest are going on at once.

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