Sehnaaz Gill, who has climbed the ladder of success after Bigg Boss, has now become a popular face in the entertainment world. Sehnaz Gill, who won the Entertainment title in Bigg Boss, is very much discussed after this show. His fans love him very much. Sehnaz Gill has become quite popular after Bigg Boss. Recently Sehnaaz Gill went to Chandigarh with Siddharth Shukla. Sehnaaz Gill came to Chandigarh for an album shoot with Siddharth Shukla. Some pictures of Chandigarh with Sehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla are becoming quite viral.

But Sena’s father Santosh Singh says that Sehnaaz did not even tell him about his arrival in Chandigarh. In an interview given to a media portal, Father Santosh Singh of Sehnaaz said that he had come to know about the news of Sehnaaz coming to Chandigarh from the media reports. He even said that Sehnaaz Gill did not tell him about coming to Chandigarh. He told that his house is just 2 hours away from the shoot location of Sehnaaz Gill. Despite this, she did not come to meet anyone at her home. His father has become very angry with this thing of Sehnaaz Gill. He said in his interview that he will never talk to Sehnaaz Gill now. According to him, he does not even have the number of the manager of Sehnaz Gill. Due to which sometimes Sehenaz is not able to talk about his father.