In the Corona era all serial shoots are being taken with all precaution. On the day of the sets, there is news of some crew member being hit by the corona virus. The latest case is of Sony TV’s reality show set of ‘ India’s Best Dancer’. According to Sport Boy, 6 to 7 people have been found corona positive on the set of reality show ‘india’s Best Dancer’. Which includes crew members and choreographers. After a large number of corona positives in the show, all members of the show ie judge and choreographer will be subjected to corona test. In addition, the set of the show has been completely senitiez.

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On the other hand, if the news of ABP News is believed, Corona has also wreaked havoc on the set of ‘Kaun Banega crorepati’ reality show. According to the news, 2 crew members of the set of this show are claimed to be Corona positive. But all the crew members of these shows have come under the grip of Corona, their news is not out yet.

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