Popular Actor Shakti Arora Finally Says On Comparison With Dheeraj Dhoopar

In the month of July 2022, actor Dheeraj Dhoopar took a big decision to leave Kundali Bhagya show. After 5 years, the fans were very angry with the departure of the lead actor of the show. As soon as Dheeraj left, the makers of the show made actor Shakti Arora’s entry in the show as Arjun, who is a big business man. With the arrival of Shakti in this show, the fans who liked Dheeraj’s character Karan started besieging Shakti on social media.

There was a lot of comparison between Dheeraj and Shakti. Fans even started saying that they need Dheeraj Dhoopar in the show, not Shakti. But now almost a month after the entry in the show, Shakti Arora has spoken about the comparison with Dheeraj Dhoopar. In an interview given to E Times, when Shakti Arora was asked this question whether he was nervous before replacing Dheeraj in such a big show?

Shakti told that “Comparison is sure to happen because you are stepping in someone else’s place.” However, I wasn’t worried at all because I was already aware of the challenge I was going to take. I was ready for comparison, that’s why I stopped reading comments.

Let us tell you that Dheeraj’s fans had made a lot of negative comments about Shakti, so now after trolling Shakti, the fans who like Karan’s character say, “I respect everyone’s fans.” He has the right to comment and I am glad that he is loyal to a special person. Audience has the right to compare and abuse and it is an actor’s job to win their hearts. Also, I have reached a point where these comments or comparisons neither make nor break me.

I believe in doing my job honestly. I am doing my best and by the grace of God it has worked for me. I am just concentrating on my character and playing it well. As long as you do this, you can connect with the audience. I am glad that people have accepted me.

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