Popular Actress Shivangi Joshi Returns As Anandi For Balika Vadhu 2. The discussions about Shivangi Joshi’s acting are once again happening everywhere. Once again Shivangi has proved what a great actress she is. That’s why with the first glimpse as Anandi, he has impressed the people in such a way that not only in India but in other countries only Shivangi’s discussions are echoing.

Shivangi has made such records as soon as she makes a comeback on TV, which she misses by being able to do big actresses. Actually, everyone was very excited to see Shivangi as Anandi in Balika Vadhu 2 after Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain. After 1 December, when people saw Naira as Anandi on the screen, not only the simplicity of her character was liked by the people, but her style and complete performance touched the hearts of the people once again.

Shivangi started trending on Twitter after the very first glimpse. The name #ShivangiReturnAsAnandi started trending. And not only in India but from Bangladesh to Pakistan, Shivangi’s name kept trending. Such a strong buzz has been seen for the first time about a TV actress. With whose return discussions have started happening in the country and abroad. Now, these are not works by any big record.


With this, you can guess that how strong is Shivangi’s fan following not only in the country but also in foreign countries. Seeing such love from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shivangi also could not stop her from expressing her happiness. As soon as he got to know about this, he immediately shared his picture on his Instagram story and shared this tremendous news with the fans.

Let us tell you that till now nothing special was being seen in the Trp of Balika Vadhu 2. But now seeing the way the show has taken U-Turn since Shivangi’s entry, it is certain that in the coming days this show may overshadow other shows. Let me tell you that many people are giving a lot of love to Shivangi in the form of a new Anandi. Randeep Rai’s characters of the new star of the show are also being liked a lot. But Shivangi has done a great job with her return. Now the thing to be seen is that in the coming days, Shivangi does something amazing by becoming Anandi.

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