Siddharth Shukla once again raging on the black cylinder of oxygen cylinder. After all, let’s know. Siddharth Shukla was a contestant in the TV reality show Bigg Boss. Siddharth likes to openly express his opinion on every issue. Currently, there are 19 waves of Covid in the country. In the number of thousands of people are dying.

The Semantic has caused an outcry in the country. Harassment is going on for oxygen cylinders and medicines. Recently, Shukla has targeted those people who are running behind making profits in oxygen cylinders. He has made a tweet that is fast becoming viral on social media. Siddhartha said many things about the end of humanity.

The Siddharth said that what is the cheapest th ing in today’s world? Human life Siddharth wrote in the tweet: – Sad to see how much people have fallen. People have started making profits from oxygen and medicines, which can save the lives of people. People are dying. In today’s world, the cheapest thing is human life.


The Siddharth also created an emoji with a broken heart. This tweet of Siddharth is being liked by some fans. So there are the same trollers who are seen commenting. Where users wrote: – There is no limit to the greedy pun of humans. The more we have, the more we need it. There are many people who are not covid 19 positives but still buying ration, alcohol, medicines, cylinders. Because they have money. Thinking that I am alive.

Many fans have been seen commenting on this tweet of Vel Siddharth and this tweet is also becoming viral very fast.

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