These days, news of gender change prevails on social media. There are some celebrities who have got gender change done of their own free will. Well, no one knows what is the reason behind them. But we all know so much that he did not think of the people of the world to live the world in his own way. Let us know about the stars who have got their Sex changed.

According to media reports, in the Bollywood industry, this famous actress and model by the name of Bobby Darling were actually Pankaj Sharma. He was born as a boy. And the family members named him Pankaj. In 2010, he underwent a breast transplant. And kept his name from Pankaj. Then after some time, he named himself Bobby Darling. Bobby Darling has appeared in films like “kya cool hain hum”, “hasei to phasie”, “page 3”.

In the industry, the famous model by the name of Gauri Arora has also got a sex change. He was Gaurav Arora before Gauri Arora. He has been a contestant of splits Villa 8. When he got a sex change, he was very much in the news. Gaurav was a very handsome boy. Then after becoming Gauri, he became a beautiful girl. Not only this, while sharing his pictures after his sex change, he said “Call me Gauri” in an interview he revealed that he had felt like a woman since childhood. After this, he decided that he would spend the rest of his life like a woman.

Nikki Chawla is also among those people who were born as a man. Then he molded himself as a woman. Nikki said that he was upset with his jeans and wanted to become a woman. However, it was not easy to do this in the family that was related to the family. In 2009, he went against the family and got a sex change. She has appeared in TV’s favorite show Emotional atyaachaar.

British Indian model Shinata Sangha has also got a sex change. She is a famous transgender in South Asia. She has participated in the beauty contest organized by the Transgender community. People of his beauty are crazy. She has been the Miss Glamor Queen.

Naveen Bhaema was born in a village in Nepal. Who was a man? This man, who is in a dilemma about his identity, made himself an Anjali Lama by opting for sex. The family severed their relationship with his decision. But his mother did not leave him.

Fashion designer Saisha Shinde was known by now as Swapan Sindhi. But now she has become Saisha. Because they have now got a sex change. However, this news has spread in the media in Mumbai. They have told their truth through social media. She has now told that she had thought for years that she was a homosexual man. But only 6 years ago she realized that she is a transgender woman. And they have decided to bring their truth to the world.

While sharing a post on her Instagram, Shaisa wrote that “Since childhood, she was different from the rest of the boys. Due to which she was persecuted. Because of this she also felt fear in herself. Her life was under pressure at that time. He used to be surrounded by him. And he considered himself alone. He was living a fake life as expected of society. shaisa realized that due to which he always felt suffocation. He told that all this was very difficult for them to do, but in this entire struggle, their parents and friends were always together, who were their strength.

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